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Since we are operating in a system-critical industry in the field of energy supply, the effects of the COVID-19 crisis on our business appear to be relatively mild. Nevertheless, we have also taken all necessary precautions to be prepared for critical situations.

In this FAQ we answer the most frequently asked questions about Corona concerning fos4X.

Is additional or special health care provided?2020-04-14T15:52:20+00:00

We provide additional hygiene articles and disinfectant in our offices and production site. Equipment and facilities are cleaned and disinfected every day before work.

How is production and delivery assured?2020-04-14T15:52:39+00:00

We have divided the production team into two teams, which produce in shifts every other day. A completely separate backup team is set up to compensate in case members of the production teams are unavailable. Members of the three teams are not allowed to have contact with each other to avoid cross-infections between the teams.

Production works six days a week in order to build up stock to make sure that deliveries are possible for two weeks even in case of a complete production shutdown.

Are there any procedures in place to identify infected staff and avoid contagion?2020-04-14T15:52:44+00:00

We follow the rules of the local government and the RKI.

Employees having symptoms which could refer to COVID-19 must stay at home and must contact their doctor and/or the official contacts in that matter. A 14-day quarantine is mandatory, as well as an official health declaration before restarting work.

Is there a plan for additional hardware and training to ensure work from home for all key persons?2020-04-14T15:52:49+00:00

All non-production employees have the equipment and possibility to work from home. They use our servers for data exchange and storage. Our IT department is in contact with the IT providers in order to be informed about their actions during this special situation.

Is there a pandemic plan with defined phases which ensures ongoing operation of all critical businesses?2020-04-14T15:52:55+00:00

We have designed an action plan for the production line in order to ensure production even in case of an absence or quarantine of more than 30% of the workers by setting up teams which produce in distinct shifts and which do not have any personal contact.

Furthermore, we disinfect our production facilities every day before starting production. The action plan is in place and running.

Who coordinates the crisis response?2020-04-14T15:53:07+00:00

The board team and the HR director of fos4X have been handling all of the sectors of the company respectively.

What communication strategies have been implemented?2020-04-14T15:53:12+00:00

A central hotline is in place if needed and information for all employees is internally published.

Are there any clear guidelines implemented on how to avoid infection by personal contact between employees, suppliers and customers?2020-04-14T15:53:18+00:00

Almost all our employees work from home (home office) in order to avoid any risk of getting infected by or to infect our colleagues and to make sure that fos4X stays fully operational. Travel restrictions are in place and meetings are done only via video or telephone conferencing.

How are our suppliers reacting? Are there any disruptions in the supply chain?2020-04-14T15:53:24+00:00

We are in daily exchange with our suppliers worldwide and re-evaluate the situation. All of them are currently fully operational, which guarantees a sufficient and reliable structure to our supply chain. Furthermore, we have a distributed supply chain for core components with at least two suppliers.

Can fos4X meet the demands of our customers?2020-04-14T15:53:29+00:00

fos4X is fully capable of both dealing with all of our current customers’ demands according to their production and installation plans and of fulfilling future incoming orders on time.

How are our customers reacting?2020-04-14T15:53:34+00:00

Our customers keep on producing as well as ordering. Turbines are still being erected around the globe, even in affected areas like Italy. China is gradually coming back to normal.

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